by Akilah Brock

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released July 17, 2012




all rights reserved


Akilah Brock New York, New York

October 2004 Akilah’s mom passed away due to Cancer. Looking for an emotional outlet, Akilah poured her pain into a heartfelt poem called “Sunrise to Sunset.” Reciting the powerful words to her friends at every instance, Akilah finally recorded the poem as a song on the one-year anniversary of her mother’s passing. After that first experience in the studio, Akilah the artist was born. ... more

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Verse 1
It’s Akilah nothing realer. I break through this rap game like a guerilla.
But now you want to come and tie me up. I’m here to save the world back the fuck up.
I’m caught up in the rapture success is what I’m after.
I need a baker to bake a hard dough platter. Slice it up, piece it up until i get fatter.
My Lord deliver me, I am on the way coming at ya. It’s my life the gift a curse.
What is left to do on this earth. I got to live it like how i see it.
My lack of patience has got me speedin. I need a doc to describe this feeling.
Enduring pain i must be feenin. Gotta wake up from this nightmare I’m dreaming.
Tangled in the web that you weaving you streaming.

Verse 2
Closed like a book im ready to be read. I learned a closed mouth won’t get feed.
Will i get further when i open my legs or like a panhandler should i beg?
Well i never keep all my eggs in one basket can you fathom that i am great at many facets.
Till i’m in a casket like old dirty bastard never wasting time running out for mine.
Line for line with these rhymes im making dimes not dropping dimes.
Im coping jewels and dropping jewels you know the code dont break the rules.
You sleep on me its all good see cause soon i will be on top baby
Just like a star on a christmas tree. Yea I am here right now you can unwrap me
you can tear me up rip me apart thats just the top layer. Been through it all way before i got here.
Track Name: LEVITATE
I am here to levitate. I will never fall. You aint saying nada i hit the streets harder.
Soul is not for sale oh lord my god its the dealer Akilah with all my guerillas.

Verse 1
Yea its me again. I cant get enough. Money on my mind its bout that time i think i’ll turn it up.
Hey dj turn me up and play this song again drop a bomb on it scratch it up now let it spin.
I said im going in now get your hands up you heard the record one time its a stick up.
Im here to prove that i am up and i aint coming down.
Now that I am winning everybody want to come around. What you gone do now.
Fire me up to bring me down. yea im hot in here. ballon hot air on solid ground.
Like a cat im on the prowl. Money talks bullshit walks im hungry now meow.


Verse 2
Like mayweather in the ring going in all i do is win.
My punch lines bruising I aint losing ref start counting. My records knock em out the box
I’m headed for the top ten. You gunning for the number one spot you betta count me in.
Cause i can quit now. Im way ahead i made it to far to turn around New York hold me down.
Jay Ay my hometown. I do it for the hood and the love but you can pay me now.
Yes i said pay me now. Cause my stock is up but my price still low.
A few more hits im getting paid two fifty gees a show. G5 to the greyhound.
On my way to your town i do what it takes to score field goal touchdown.


Verse 3
What you thought i aint have this verses in me and i was giving up.
Im in it to win it baby i aint never letting up. Better get used to me now cause im on the come up.
Best female rapper to do it and i didnt have to fuck. Fuck you and fuck them.
As long as your not my kin stepping on your chin to win. On my job working hard.
Like a hoe on the boulevard times is hard oh my god i do pray for them Amen.
As a matter of fact back to the matter at hand dont matter if you clap im getting money Overstand, understand i am the best forget the rest its Akilah I keep you abreast no stress
go in until you win.

Track Name: MAYDAY 3X
Verse 1
This ain’t robbing, I’m given. Heels on pivot, i’m back on my bullshit matador movements.
What you know now i been knew this. I monster truck do this like brutus.
Sent here to show you how we do this. Elohim reign supreme, Killa caliente.
I bust jedi moves like a sensei. Your girl born ready, strong arm steady.
Tongue sharp, flow deadly. For real skills. Mind illuminates illustrious.
I total recall dope visions conjured up. Counting bukoo bucks.
Red cup gin and ginger ale sipping getting lifted. Never sniffing.
Highly anticipated, lyrics never jaded. soul elated mom we made it. We kindred spirits.
Your guidance brilliant, One love one heart out of many same difference.

Mayday somebody called mayday. Mayday came here to save the day.

Verse 2
I escape the confines of blurred lines. Fuck your motto i got nine lives nigga yolo.
Brocks a leo, queens a the jungle born in a jungle raised in the rotten apple.
Built for battle. Assassin action. Never hesitate always come through blasting.
Leave your whole life barren. Living life actual thats factual lick the puss good.
You the one i come back to get a tattoo. So you know its real heres the deal.
Speak when spoken to barked when called. If it aint about the dollar dont say shit at all.
I shine through the pain make it rain let it fall i want it all. Throw your shade.
Enemy pray everyday for my downfall. Fuck your keys doors open magically for me.
Stepped on your boundaries. Fuck you pay me.


Verse 3
Bet it. set. it. you can get it. who the blood clot want to war wit me?
you betta not start wit me. air you out aerially drop your body in lake erie.
Akilah eerie listen up hear me. Me come from the era of terror
Where squads of gods leave no room for error. Pull up in the matte black range.
Leggo at point blank range. Dont try me killa bees proactive. pop you in the face
Get rid of you like acne. Pointer trigger happy so please dont push me.
It’s all goody in da hoody. Matter fact got the fatty banging nine piece beefy.
Yes we can peacefully roll up the kiki. Took up. Power moves blow up.
Nuff angel dust po the venomous host.
Mo money gimmie mo money i want mo money gimmie gimmie money

Verse 1
Gimmie gimmie money mo mo money i want mo money i count it by the hundred
Spend it by the hundred yea i spend it i done it i did it i blew it ain’t nothin to it.
I go to the bank get more money. Fill up my tank spend some money.
Girl what you drink? save some money. Nigga what you think betta have some money.
Want to pop my cherry like the virgin mary betta cop that drop top bently.
Gucci gucci fendi baby dont offend me. I got them hundreds fifty twenty twenty vision.
If it aint about a dollar I cant listen on a mission to get money.


Verse 2
Gimmie gimmie money mo mo money. Who are you and why you worried?
Bout what i do to flip this money no matter what you do cant take shit from me.
Got money in my pocket my wallet i want it i cop it i got it like that.
Please bitch stop it you dont want it you dont want to do that.
Piece in my jimmy boots. Im a bad bitch got an attitude im rude im crude i’ll take your dude.
Bitch betta have my money. No im not playing oh im jus saying that im not playing.
There is no delayin bitch i want my money.


Verse 3
Gimmie gimmie money mo mo money. Queens gets the money. I do what i gotta.
To get this money aint shit funny take flights to Nevada want the whole enchalada.
No halves no quarters you aint gotta ask why why why, I want the whole damn pie.
I know you gonna try try try eat of my plate, place you in a lake bite of your face.
Like a damn piranha. Slice you below the waist you dont want that drama.
Betta stay far away way way from me bebe my teeth are sharper than a killer shark.
I’m a beast coming at you like jaws your betta have my money.
Track Name: SUGAR LIPS
Verse 1
Yea I might work, for the right work. Snap back, make dat ass clap lightwork.
Jet setter who’s better none fresher, i do the damn thang dance night work!
You wanna be down, come get down, go roll with the negro imma blow!
I’m balling, shot calling, hoops in the lobes shine sparkling.
Shatter them boards like Shaq did, creature of habit, money on my third eye.
Hit that target market bullseye, I murder business you ain’t bout that life.
Sniff you out raw white ain’t gotta think twice.
It’s all in, I’m lickin them balls and all everything.
I’m bouncing it, I’m taking it, you know what it is!

Come taste my sugar lips. Taste like sexual chocolate licking it.
Come taste my sugar lips. Taste it top to bottom.
Taste sweet like killa bees honey is top to bottom.
Pour some sugar on me top to bottom.
Come taste my sugar lips. Come taste it, come try it, I guarantee you gone want buy it.

Verse 2
I’m blazing, I’m rolling motivation yea thats the motive.
I know you want some, come get some, hundred racks or more bigger figures.
45 on the waist on all my niggas, no no no no no I ain’t studda tho,
I reload cock it back thats the G code.
Dueces up to the YG, blood of a king heart of a slave thats family.
Step on your blood that’s your red bottoms.
Put the mark on your head got to red dot ‘em.
Pose for the centerfold yea you know I gotta, take a shot,
Let it drop, now make it bounce, make it clap not make it pop blow


Yea I might work, for the right work. Snap back, make dat ass clap lightwork.
Jet setter who’s better none fresher, i do the damn thang dance night work!
Killa cakes cake cake cake baking up cake cake cake let it marinate.
I got the cake cake cake make the whole place shake.
No fakes fuck the jakes lets celebrate.

I’m a shooting star I can take you far make a wish on a star
Take me to the moon we can jump offbaby
Aye baby jump off baby take me to the moon we can jump off

Verse 1
Take me to the moon suite up astro zoom. We moving speed of light to the sound of this tune.
I wish upon a star one night me and you. You can take me to your room
You can take me to the moon. Take me where you want to go I follow you had my eye on you.
Been wanting you. You’re the kind of guy i give it up to.
Baby lets go high take me higher than the sky take me further than a hundred miles lets fly high.


Verse 2
We can jump off baby. I can go crazy. Freak you in the sheets lady in the streets daily.
Baby I’m ready let me know your ready for me to give you give you give you that becky.
Blast off take off lets get naked. Lets get wasted. I know you want to taste it.
Baby lets face it i know you’re a freak every minute every hour every day of the week.
I want to rock you to sleep. Have you week in the knees.
Gotta crawl before you walk so baby lets creep. Creep through my galaxy. Milkyway go deep.
I’m chocolaty so sweet. Scoop me up ice cream.

Track Name: THE CHASE
Verse 1
Chasing my dreams I cant slow down. At the speed I’m going I’m billboard bound.
Driving over the limit im lost then found. Under the influence had too many rounds.
Of that C I Roc come see I rock. This microphone spitting real hip hop.
I’m summertime fresh, I wont flip flop. Bitches should fall back go ahead kick rocks.
I’m on audemars watch in the autumn I’m hot in the winter got the coldest flow.
Why not blow snot at you cops and hoes when spring rolls round im in your town
Doing topmics shows. You should already know i do it for the dough.
I do it for the love i do it for my people cause its in my soul to let all ya know.
We’re worth more that told we’re worth more than gold. Beautiful and bold I am.
I never take no for an answer I can. Pump my breaks now or make my hazards flash.
I’m fully gassed up headed north on this dark path I cant crash.

I Know where i’m going. I know where I want to be. I dont know just how I’ll get there.
But my foots on the gas and my hands on the steering wheel go round and round.
Speed bumps cant slow me down these tolls cant hold me down i pay my way i say.

Pre Chorus
It’s the chase mother fucker. Prepare my place mother fucker. I am on my way mother fucker.
Running every red light in sight i wont stop I’m on the go mother fucker.
Cant slow my roll mother fucker. I’m on this ride to the wheels fall off.
To get to the top I’ll take everything off.

Can take me there. I wanna go there. I gotta get there.
Where the lights are bright standing in the spotlight.
I have no fears. I wont cry no tears. I am almost there.
On the road to success you pave the way but I am whats next.

Verse 2
I’m in the fast lane flashing my high beams i know you see me fulfilling my dreams.
Hear sirens scream not switching lanes or slowing down cant exit now.
I’m in the thrill of the chase let them follow me. Drifting on to the next highway.
You sunday drivers get up out my way. I’m riding dirty pussy clean all day.
Put your road blocks up bet they wont stop me.

Hook - Pre Chorus - Chorus